Copyright 2012 Vogue UK
Copyright 2012 Vogue UK

One of the most important fashion venues, New York Fashion Week takes place this week in the cultural capital of the World. At the same time Vogue Fashion Night Out, #FNO is on. In both cases, fashionistas will face their fashion “fear”, whether they are ready to be impressed by the fashion flood in stores around the world. As far as #FNO, I do hope they are well prepared…themselves and their bank accounts.

As one of the fashionistas who will not be able to attend this amazing “street show”, I reserve my post here, with imaginative flashes by the newborn colours, stand by feeling of “what to expect and what’s behind the curtain”, and wait until social networking tools start sharing the views of unexpected.

I am of the opinion that even if your reply on RSVP for these venues is “No”, it will not undermine your affection to find these events irresistible. Fashion is that way: global unexpected love. Those beautiful tempting mornings with coffee and Vogue are on the same page as these venues. With every page you turn you feel the curtain is opening and something extraordinary will come out. Strength of the page, frame on TV set or web page is quite inexplicable, and we love every part of it.

Fashion is a pure manifest: what’s happening now it will be visibly marked forever. Which brings us to very important question: How important is to feel the ongoing trends to the aim of understanding ‘em? 
Max Mara a/w 2012
Max Mara a/w 2012

Nowadays it is quite clear that Nations will go XL this season. Baggy pants, baggy sleeves, baggy coats, baggy jewelry and baggy accessories. Proof for this statement can be seen on every corner.While looking at designers’ collection for this fall, we do notice that every single one of them included one or a few XL pieces. One of many examples, yet quite direct, is new collection for upcoming season by Louis Vuitton, distinguished French fashion house, which was remarkably shot by great Steven Meisel. Everything is more than just Large…Romantic…or Coloury. It is also carefully detailed with remarkable objects. Another pretty complete proof for XL this season is new collection by Italian fashion house Max Mara, whose nowadays huge coats and sweaters can “drag” you down the street in such a luxurious way that you will amaze your environment.

We don’t need to go further to prove the statement that Nation does go XL this season, but do we feel it? Do we understand it?

Few days ago I was walking with few members of my family (easy to guess what gender it was), and while debating on wardrobe choices, for some of them it wasn’t easy to accept the XL trend. Reasons for neglecting the trend were just queuing. As a XL acceptance member of minority in this little group, the question/answer had to pop out whether you want it or not: You understand the deep meaning of it, hence you accept it?
Whether we do hit the meaning of XL for the designer or not, as long as we are able to find our own post in it, we managed to expect the unexpected.

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