European compensation for American oblivion?

After outstanding performance in more than 100 films, French Actress will receive another European trophy.

Catherine Deneuve, with decades-long prominent career, will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from the European Film Academy on 7 December in Berlin.

Deneuve made her film debut at age eleven, yet her career begun to climb the stairs alongside French director and screenwriter Roger Vadim, at the beginning of the 60s. Most controversial, yet most critically acclaimed roles in Roman Polanski’s ‘’Repulsion’’ in 1965 and Luis Bunuel’s ‘’Belle De Jour’’ in 1967 gave her additional nudge which launched her among the greatest.

However, the star of numerous foreign classics with 20 awards from prestigious Film Festivals has been snubbed several times for the most prominent one: The Oscar. Superb role in “Indochine”, directed by Regis Wargnier got her only nomination to date for Best Actress.

Trend is pretty peculiar: only 3 actresses and one actor from France won an Oscar since 30s when the award was introduced! Therefore, in a wide-range box of European actresses and actors who didn’t have the luck to lift the deserved 8 ½ statuette, once Oscar-nominated French star Deneuve settles with European side of the World Cinema.


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