San Patrignano gave us a new life

Sector "Fallegnameria" Copyright © Leila Murseljevic
Sector “Fallegnameria” Copyright © Leila Murseljevic

A global issue requires a global response. A free response.

Founded in the late 70’s, San Patrignano, a community in Northeast Italy, in region called Emilia-Romagna, seems to have an answer to all those people seeking support and counseling for their struggle with drug addiction for free.

Hannah, the first woman from the UK who entered the free drug-addiction program at the beginning of October in San Patrignano, has been addicted to drugs since she was a teenager.

“Hannah is an inspiration to me and she makes all of my hard work worthwhile “, says Danny McCubbin, Director of the NGO San Patrignano UK, an association of San Patrignano Community.

He added that at San Patrignano the solution is based on hard work, love, forgiveness, compassion and learning to trust yourself so that you don’t need to take drugs.

“It was not easy as she faced many obstacles and road blocks along the way,” said McCubbin. “In the UK she was prescribed anti depressants and other drugs – the solution that she was given was medical.”

Since 1978, San Patrignano has taken in over 20,000 people, offering them a home, healthcare, legal assistance, and the opportunity to study, learn a job, change their lives, and regain their status as full members of society. The community is currently home to about 1,300 young men and women from at least 28 countries. Community is divided into several sectors in which people learn how to work in different industries, such as: design, directing, editing, carpentry, fabrics, bakery, dairy, electrical, cavalry and etc.

On the basis of sociological and toxicological research carried out by the Universities of Bologna, Urbino and Pavia, the percentage of people who fully recover after completing their rehabilitation programme at San Patrignano is over 72%.

While visiting San Patrignano on 2nd of April 2013, General Secretary of UN Ban Ki-moon said that in San Patrignano Community he sees a small United Nations.

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