Dress-codes – a shutdown?

756745It is always quite difficult to find the appropriate outfit for a specific event, especially when the event itself pulls so many questions due to its high importance.

I found myself in such occasion recently for an event in London, and it is definitely not a pleasant one, especially for a fashionista as myself. However, being fashion dictated or not, when you are invited to an event, you’re always having a hard time to choose. Especially if the dress code is specified on the invitation itself, as it is usually the case. Not only you’re having issue of choosing, you’re having difficulties to understand what do they want from you. And then the question pops: How many times you have been confused by dress code signing on your invitation, and how did it affect you?

We all know the story: Business casual; Business attire; Casual; Formal; Informal attire; Semi-formal; Smart casual and etc., but do we really follow the rules?

As I previously said, I found myself in similar situation while trying to decide what to wear on high-end event in London. Since the invitation card says Business attire, I started skinning my humble wardrobe (due to not being in a position to move all my stuff from home to London). Every piece of clothing I own, luxurious or not, was either on the floor or on my bed. Juggling descriptions of dress-codes in my head, it was almost like I’m dividing my room into sections: “Aha, this goes to Semi-formal, this to Casual, this to Smart-casual”. After scrolling through jewellery, it was time for tough part, the shoes: heel, semi-heel, flat, brogues, open toe, salon heel and etc.

And, after that entire scan I went through, what did I do at the end?

In comparison to a at least a decade ago, the case today is quite different. We live in a less-strict dress-code society. You’re not really checked at the entrance of the event whether you have broken some rules or not. Shutdown or not, it seems that following a dress-code is not compulsory anymore. As long as we are descent in deep meaning of the word, we can pass through ‘control’. Or not?


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