Fashion collaborations: Isabel Marant for H&M

Isabel-Marant-x-HM-CollectionAn innovative and extraordinary fashionably simple collection by Isabel Marant for H&M swept off the streets in London yesterday.

As one of the disappointing H&M customers (wasn’t fast enough due to the assignment breakdown) I could have only appreciated the collection from a far distance: online (sold-out section) and in-magazine. However, that doesn’t diminish the beauty of French designer’s collection (and you can always lust for her pieces in weeks and months after the launch).

Since establishing in 1994, some often say that Isabel Marant has managed to show the French fashion in a more distinctive manner than any other fashion house from this country. Especially after announcing the collaboration with H&M, we might safely say that Londoners were looking at European Jenna Lyons (particularly after Lyon’s opening of J.Crew in London last week). It is also safe to say that Isabel didn’t disappoint us at all.

Marant’s collection for H&M included mandatory pieces for every easygoing London fashionista: from mid-heel pumps to simple white jeans and wonderful silk top. Collection screams Isabel’s name on every piece, while carefully presenting the soft and shouting side of label’s character (both Isabel’s and H&M’s).

Some of us will keep on lusting for these pieces, yet some of you will strut down Soho and Regent wearing them. But, the beauty lies precisely in the “lust” moment: almost every high street collection ends up with window-shopping and dreaming. And when it comes to collaborations (at least in this case you had an opportunity to afford a piece or two) you really really want something to fresh up your wardrobe. And when you fail to get your hands on any, your lust becomes depression.

I know for what H&M’s pieces will this fashionista lust…for months: Marant’s black and white loop-stitched wool cardigan, patterned stretch denim, rigid bracelet and suede embroidered court shoes.

I believe that fashion collaborations (especially H&M’s in last two years) often set the ground for future innovations in every fragment of this lustful industry. And I most certainly believe that Marant’s pieces for this affordable fashion house set some simple ground rules how easygoing and sustainable trendy fashion is nowadays.


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