Today’s final touch: Hugo Boss

The Regent Street in London is one of those magical pathways you stumble upon after falling down the rabbit hole into a brand new fantasy world. And while walking through that world, one of the stops must be the Hugo Boss store.

It’s not even necessary to mention that this extraordinary, simple and perfect high-end German luxury fashion house produces magic every season. And of course, this winter is not any different: fitted wool/mohair coats, down jackets, coated leather shoes, wonderful and simple suede ballerinas, flannel wool trousers, inevitable fitted short blazers, and black and red dresses.

While trying one of the pieces tonight, I realized how easy Boss’s pieces catch and steal your breath away to some unreachable distance. That glamorous touch of cozy fabrics and trendy colors make your day complete. Well, at least one half. The other half I’ll fill after shopping this season’s “Celirela 1” wool and mohair coat and “Judi” lace-ups. Then it will be absolute.

“I know I talk too much about Hugo Boss, but everything they make is in its precise size. They always seem to get every detail right”, said the man next to me. And I say: oh yes, you’re right about that. Because with Hugo, Everything (is) in its Right Place

Go and try it yourself. You can’t do wrong.

BOSS a/w Fashion Show Shanghai 2013
BOSS a/w Fashion Show Shanghai 2013

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