A Treble

If you are a Manchester United fan your heart will hop every time you hear a word Treble. However, when you are an indecisive fashionista that simply cannot pick between outfits on Friday night, you detest a Treble.

The word Treble is often associated to sound, music, mathematics and, as already mention, football. Then again, it is easily associated with fashion. Treble could be those three little (yet big) things without we cannot leave our house on Friday night. Which three things define an outfit for night in town? To what do we pay special attention?

People around me had different but coordinated answers: whether it was color of the shoes or design of the dress, almost all agreed that their mind is not idle when they are on the road of the decision.

With so many options on the table, a treble is difficult to pick. I am guessing it all depends on the place where you are heading. Nevertheless, the importance of the choice is what counts.

Life is a constant stream of choices. Whether it’s a trivial one or more significant, a choice marks a path ahead in a specific way. You might find it odd that someone would even discuss a choice of a fashion treble, but believe you me it is a tough one.

At the beginning, my fellow (novice) Londoners thought that the solution is quite simple. However, more we discussed more criteria have risen. And we ended up on a “fashion slide” of several outfits that could work for a certain occasion. But we must face it: there are more than few occasions. So then what?

Not every question can be answered. And sometimes there is a glance of beauty in it.


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