Fashion and anti-drug community

In San Patrignano, anti-drug community in Italy, Fashion is seen as an artisan project: independent, strong and praiseworthy.

San Patrignano, a community founded in 1978 by Vincenzo Muccioili, is a house for all of those suffering from drug-addiction. “Community of life”, located in the outskirts of Rimini, functions as a platform of opportunities for its inhabitants to study and learn a trade in several sectors. Texture/fabrics sector or Tessitura is one of them.

Every day (except weekends) women and young girls work in this sector. Based on designs of their sector leader (and often designs by recognizable brands), they work on daily basis with a great range of woven and cozy fibers, such as cashmere, linen, cotton, silk and etc. They often supply Furnishing sector or Falegnameria with fabrics and pattern designs, as well as other sectors if necessary.  

Using high quality fabrics, tradition, numerous skills and hand sewing, women focus on every detail separately; whether it’s stitching, embroidery or decorative motifs on bags, belts or bracelets.

San Patrignano uses a recycling chain as well, which allows them to use leftovers and scraps from weaving, yarn, buttons and trimmings from other companies or other sectors within the Community.

In June 2013 Anna Zegna, President of the Fondazione Zegna, visited the Community and introduced professional training courses for girls in this sector.

Online purchases of their products will be available soon at:


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