…and Other Stories

Fashionistas who move to a big city often set an aim to achieve. Whether it’s business or pleasure (why not both?) we plan ahead before going to a big city, let alone when we are about to move in to it.

Usually the plan is closely connected to luxury: “I finally won’t vague whether it’s the real Louis Vuitton wallet or not. I’ll get my hands on it”, said my friend a month ago. For fashionistas it is less likely to be a question of new love. However, that occurs as well: “I’m sick of listening to same stories every day. I need a break. I need a fling”.

Today's shopping ended with a big bag Copyright © Leila Murseljevic
Today’s shopping ended with a big bag
Copyright © Leila Murseljevic

For this fashionista it was (and is) a question of finding an independent less known (in this case affordable) designer whose clothes and accessories will sweep you off your feet. And in just few days (however, with a little bit of previous notion and knowledge about it) I found my first one: & Other Stories.

An H&M sister-special label, with Samuel Fernstrom as CEO, and many different designers to date, & Other Stories is in fact another story. Scandinavian aesthetic accessories, stylish coats, strong fabrics, wavy designs and enigmatic shoes make this label so special.

I remember the moment when I first stumbleupon it online a year ago. While running through the hallway in my office building, I screamed my friend’s name saying: “This is extraordinary. Come here at ONCE!”

Simple yet effective could be Stories’ label line. This season’s collection is precisely that: everyone can find something to emphasize what one believes. With special Isabelle Bois leather collection, we have an additional reason to go to the store tomorrow.

With fine fabrics, such as silk, cashmere and mohair, & Other Stories really make a difference on London streets. Affordable yet powerful, what more can we ask for.


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