Trends: It’s time to catch up with the A/W

Copyright © Leila Murseljevic
Copyright © Leila Murseljevic

Yes, it’s getting chilly outside. Yes, the streets are covered with yellowish/orange leaves and it feels like the sea is far and untouchable. And yes, we just love those winter layers we are so focused on every year. However, even though we stepped in the autumn pretty deeply, it’s still not the time to cover and dark up, ha? 

I’m sure you’ll agree that, even though the temperature dropped and we are really reluctant to leave the house and (not)enjoy this gloomy weather, we still have some magic left, and we surely know where to find it (beside the obvious – shops on the high street!). Let me introduce you to your wardrobe, or the magical land of Narnia. Let’s see what the nowadays trends are dictating and what you should do to make the Narnia sequel.

Gerard Darel  Fall-Winter 2014/2015
Gerard Darel
Fall-Winter 2014/2015

This season definitely demands some texture – some pop-up colours, bucket bags (or unavoidable leather backpacks), and mandatory glitter, like these sequin trousers by Gerard Darel. If you’re rejecting glitter, try some rainbow coloured leather skirt and match it with silk black and white bow shirt. It’s cute, it’s feminine, it’s trendy!

This year we have one rather peculiar thing wandering down the streets – the space bits. If designers couldn’t ignore the sci-fi domination this year (“Gravity”, “Interstellar”, the 46th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s cosmic epic “2001: A SpaceOdyssey”), we can’t either. Check Rodarte’s Star Wars pieces and Jean Paul Gaultier’s silver drama!

HUGO by Hugo Boss
HUGO by Hugo Boss

And what is the trend that always comes back and we can’t get enough of it? Yes, the Normcore. Suits, suits and suits please. Ah, who wouldn’t cry over a J.Crew blazer or this Hugo Boss suit!

Hugo Boss Fall/Winter 2014/2015
‘Mathea’ Hugo Boss
Fall/Winter 2014/2015

If that’s too Boss(y) for you, go tech with their latest collection, and pair this beautiful Woollen coat ‘Mathea’ with some statement flat shoes or colour-mix sneakers, or even go vinyl and add some graphic content to it, because there’s always time for a little bit of fun, no!

'Lulu Bunny' by Saint Laurent
‘Lulu Bunny’ by Saint Laurent

As for the night out, I’m guessing a lace LBD or velvet and chiffon and a quirky accessory – because if you want to go with a statement bag, it has to be weird and witty. If not, there’s always a super clutch, or this little shiny Saint Laurent’s glitter ‘Lulu Bunny’ bag.

Dries Van Noten  Fall-Winter 2014/2015
Dries Van Noten
Fall-Winter 2014/2015

If you decide to completely hit the colour, go with Dries Van Noten who definitely did the job well – pieces in magenta, orange, yellow, navy… name it!

And last but not least, don’t forget, you can always “borrow” some pieces from this year’s Cruise collections. If so, check Jonathan Saunders’ metallic pieces and Burberry’s dye garments. Yes, they are to DYE for.


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