Review: Interstellar

or how Christopher Nolan tried to play a sherif, when the role certainly doesn’t fit him…

I am sure that there’s not a single person in the world, regardless of age or sex, who wasn’t literally bombed with reviews, suggestions (and therefore emotions) that surround(ed) the latest Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster Interstellar. And let me assure you, it wasn’t for nothing: this film is as exciting and witty as your most interesting dream. And it will surely shut your mouth for three hours. But does it really fulfils the tough criteria that labels only the ones who are “the best this year”?

Interstellar is an epic sci-fi film about an astronaut’s journey in the search for the better – human race needs an alternative road and Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is leading the mission. A group of explorers are carefully picked to travel beyond the current solar system in search of a place that can sustain life (who hears the “Wall-E” bells?). And, as what usually happens with semi-dystopian films such as this one, this path will make the crew of the spacecraft ‘Endurance’ face things they could only imagined. And those things are more than just playing the good old Batman vs. Joker game.

The movie is a mish-mash acting game of some of the most popular actors/actresses at the moment. Along side McConaughey, we see the tricks of Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon and Michael Caine. And this is also quite important. Every single role brought something new to it. Hence, no wonder Nolan decided to get all of them under one ‘roof’. It wouldn’t be the same I assure you.

Still from "Interstellar"
Still from “Interstellar”

Naturally, the acting part (which wasn’t the best in some parts) is not the crucial reason why this movie will be something we will come back to in the future. Neither are the effects. It’s the human aspect, and, naturally, the most important one, love – that one lasting emotion that can turn the electricity around, in our favour or against it. In the end you decide which path you choose, just the way Nolan did, with the help of the brilliance of Hans Zimmer and his music score to it. Yes, the Oscar bells are loud on this one.

But nevertheless,  this story has so many holes that I’m afraid the human aspect will not be enough for you to think about Interstellar in a few years. The lost dialogues, disconnected scenes and bizarre directorial solutions brings us to another edge. Probably the same one Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page faced in “Inception”, Nolan’s sci-fi thriller from 2010 (one of the most obvious connections with “Inception” is the eagerness of Cooper’s daughter Murphy – played by Mackenzie Foy – mirrored with Ellen Page’s character).

But who’s to blame and more importantly, are we entitled to it? Can Nolan get rid of his blockbuster cells? No, and perhaps he doesn’t need to. He will still be one of the leading men who can incite your imagination throughly. And the minute you think you’re done, he’ll surprise you. But, as the history of this wonderful art of moving pictures thought us, there are more important things than this.

When it comes to Interstellar though, I guess it depends what do/did you want from it in the first place. If you expected something enthralling, super exciting and entertaining, you picked the right door to knock on. However, if you searched for something deep and with more meaning, similar to Nolan’s first titles (his very good start with “Following” in 1998 and my personal favourite “Memento” in 2000), this might end up lagging behind you.

Or perhaps I’m in the wrong. Perhaps, as I was told, in 20 or 30 years this will be a film we will look forward to and will reminisce and be quite nostalgic about…


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