The power of Normcore

What makes this simple yet effective trend so glamorous?

Valentino  Fall-Winter 2014/2015
Fall-Winter 2014/2015

Japanese-American graphic designer John Maeda once said that “simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.” And in short, this is exactly why, in the last couple of years, the ‘normcore’ trend became so popular. But what does it really stands for and can ‘normcore’ really be anything?

Bland, conventional and chic ‘normcore’ style is a highly unpretentious yet glamorous way of matching the clothes. It is yet another type of “dress to impress” magical formula. And believe me, it’s working. The term was coined last year on the New York and Paris fashion shows, which were showered with this style, proving how powerful this casual trend can be. However, this simplicity gives also a modern touch to a formal dressing, naturally. Remember the BAFTAs this year and Angelina Jolie?

Hugo Boss  Fall-Winter 2014/2015
Hugo Boss
Fall-Winter 2014/2015

There are many words associated with the normcore. The most common ones are “average”, “normal” and “unpretentious”. On the other hand, the most common belief (and if you don’t mind me saying, a very wrong one) is that people who do follow the normcore actually don’t want to be noticed in any way. Nowadays fashion shows and high street brands surely proved all these wrong. The normcore trend is definitely one of those permanent and abiding. Suits, suits and suits please. Ah, who wouldn’t cry over a J.Crew blazer or a fabulously sleek Hugo Boss suit pants!

J. Crew  Fall-Winter 2014/2015
J. Crew
Fall-Winter 2014/2015

Even though the term carries a burden of obscure and confuse, the normcore was all over the place on the A/W 2014 catwalks. From the looks of Valentino, Marni and Marc Jacobs, to inevitable Hugo Boss and Dior, the simplicity of it surely captivated the fashion industry. And let me tell you, I don’t see it lousing up.

Bill Cunningham, a famous American photographer once said that “fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” I am more than sure that he would agree that nowadays, in any sphere of life, there’s nothing like a suit to defend you.




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