London Fashion Weekend – 4 TRENDS

IMG_9610 - 2IMG_9616 - 2Trend “Hyper Florals” – blossoms and more blossoms, somewhere on the line catwalks transformed into botanical gardens.



Trend “Shimmer and Shine” – everything from iridescent to glitter and sequins. IMG_9628 - 2Trend “Make it Monochrome” (my personal favourite) – nothing can beat a two-tone nowadays!

IMG_9645 - 2


IMG_9666 - 2

Trend “That Seventies Show” – oh yes, we all remember the show and deep down wanted a bit of their style. It’s time to get some shopping/digging through wardrobes done.IMG_9695 - 2

IMG_9681 - 2





IMG_9704 - 2

Take a look at the exclusive footage of the finale. You’ll love it!


Photographs are courtesy of the author – Leila Murseljevic.

© All photographs are Copyrighted and All Rights Reserved. They may not be used or reproduced in any way without the permission of the author.







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