An alternative view on fashion adverts

Since its beginnings to nowadays, fashion photography has changed so many colours that it wouldn’t be wrong to say it has been one of the finest examples of a chameleon in this industry.

Inspired by the scrolling through many fashion magazines in the last couple of months, I noticed a quite interesting pattern that has been going on through the latest fashion campaigns of some of the biggest names in the fashion industry.

Being a photographer myself I always find myself re-taking the shots in my head after I see how the photography masters did their job. Not that I don’t like them, it’s just natural to do your own version right…

Giorgio Armani S/S 2015 campaign
Giorgio Armani
S/S 2015 campaign

So, let’s take a look at some alternative versions (always the best choice) of fashion photography in the latest adverts. One of the campaigns that caught my eye was Giorgio Armani’s. The blurry lines and the flow of the fabric is absolutely amazing in the campaign shots and they really give an alternative view of what fashion photography represents nowadays.

Another fine example was Valentino. Pale fabrics on a dark background, cozy and liberated, the shots for their latest campaign screams unordinary simplicity.

Valentino S/S 2015 campaign
S/S 2015 campaign

And last but not least, Hermes. The French maison considered the “double exposure” technique for its campaigns, and the outcome was absolutely brilliant, unique and quite original. Definitely a proof that this technique is far from archaic and/or forgotten.

Hermes S/S 2015 campaign
S/S 2015 campaign

Hopefully, in the future we will have more examples of fashion campaigns such as these. It is time to refresh things a bit don’t you think?





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